Corona Angel – basic idea

by | 1. May. 2021

The basic idea is an angel whose wings are drawn by people who died with COVID-19 in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here, the number of drawings should correspond to the number of deceased at the time of completion.
This image of the connection between spirituality and the real existing threat of the virus inspired me immediately. To extend spirituality beyond religious myths, the corona angel should be made of simple geometric shapes. For the Greek philosophers, the ideal basic geometric shape corresponded to the divine (Plato).

Angels are known as “messengers” not only in Christian, Jewish and Muslim mythology, but far earlier. Already the Babylonians describe the existence of a spiritual being next to a monotheistic main god.
In Christian mythology, angels have stood for the greatness and goodness of God since their incorporation into the “sacred order” (6th century A.D.). According to this, they are powers, have a power within themselves and tasks for people, “through which God shows his nearness and works on people” (Anselm Grün).

“The angel comes into being with his mission, he passes away with the fulfillment of his mission, because his existence is message” (Claus Westermann).

This quote expresses the basic spiritual idea of the Corona Angel especially.
It is both a mission and a symbol of an inner discord. To pursue our accustomed lives with all the personal freedoms we have acquired is an existential desire and is contrary to the mandate imposed on us to provide consideration and assistance to others with personal restraint because of the horror caused by COVID-19


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