Corona Angel – Emergence

by | 1. May. 2021

Image documentation of the creation of the Corona Angel until its completion.
Required part of the scholarship is a documentation of the creation of the scholarship work within the framework of6 Points for Culture – Project Scholarships M1 – Rhineland-Palatinate. I meet this requirement and supplement it with some thoughts and decision-making.

Emergence - Image 01

Dark drawings on light wings

This was my first conception of the Corona Angel, which was to be made of precious metals from the very beginning. So I chose silver and fine gold as materials to emphasize the majesty of the angel.

Simple basic geometric shapes

Corona angel should consist of simple basic geometric shapes.
I formed the body using a square profile. I wanted the wings to appear powerful and dominant, so I chose parallelograms with a 30-degree slope; 45 degrees did not match the intended effect.
I liked the division of the right angle by 3 to 30 degrees, because 3 is an important, fundamental number in Christian mythology.

Emergence - image 02
Emergence - image 03

A small interim status

I sawed out the wings in one piece.

The basic shapes are finished

The necessary parts of the angel are prepared. Now follow the drawings (hallmarks) on the wings.

Emergence - image 04
Emergence - image 05

The drawings of the angel wings

By mid-September, 246 people in Palatine had died with or from COVID-19, so I punched 246 hallmarks in the wings. I varied the size a bit to indicate the different age ranges. Few very small for very young, some slightly larger and many large for older people.


Decision-making – strokes or circles, dramatic or sublime

At first I wasn’t sure about the shape of each life.
Circles didn’t seem appropriate in a design defined by rectangles. I could have also chosen open circle arcs or dashes to signify that those affected were taken out of their lives by COVID-19 and did not find any conclusion.
On the other hand, the circle is a perfect basic shape. Without beginning and end, the circle points to a spiritual infinity and at the same time has a clear outer boundary that gives definition. Physically, the circle is the most stable basic shape because it is best able to dissipate forces. Thus, the circle is a fitting symbol of the beauty and majesty of each life.

I decided to use circles.

The Corona Angel is emerging

Wings and body are now firmly soldered. At the same time, I soldered on the fine gold with which the angel gets his head. I decided to use circles.

Silver oxidizes strongly due to the high temperature during soldering. This oxidation is subsequently eliminated by chemical processes.

Corona Angel - Emergence
Emergence - image 07

Get into shape

After the chemical processes, the silver is coated with a fine silver layer with a matte grayish appearance due to its diffuse reflective properties.

I use files to do the final work on the corona angel before blackening the hallmarks and doing the final finish.

The blackening

After using files to take away overhangs and straighten edges, I applied the blackening agent.
The angel is now blackened.


A first impression

A first impression of the almost completed Corona Angel.
Regarding COVID-19, there is undoubtedly an underreporting of those who died in Rhineland-Palatinate in the spring. In order to include also these not counted lives suggestively, I let the blackening come from below to the top.
I will revise the blackening again.

What still needs to be done

September 22, 2020
Because the number of people who died with or due to COVID-19 has unfortunately increased, the number of hallmarks still needs to be updated. The blackening needs to be redone and the base of the angel needs to be finished.

Last edit

September 24, 2020
Unfortunately, two more deceased have been added to this day. The RKI reports 248 deaths with or due to COVID-19 for Rhineland-Palatinate.

Therefore, I punch in two more hallmarks and re-blacken. I have already finished the base.

Emergence - image 11
Emergence - image 12

Completion on September 24, 2020

The Corona Angel is ready. I finish my project with a photo of the finished angel.


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