Trapped – basic idea

by | 1. May. 2021

This pandemic has thrown us all into a new age in a very short time. Initially accepted by almost everyone, more and more groups rebel against the new disempowerment of the individual for very different reasons.

To me, our situation in the pandemic seems like being trapped in a cage that makes it impossible to have physical contact. I live on the German-French border, where a ‘bisou’, a kiss on the cheek, is part of the greeting. A gesture that makes the new distance between people particularly clear. 1.5 meter distance, symbolized by a golden cage in the shape of the coronavirus, that is my theme. A golden cage, which is probably our new “home”, in which we have to settle.

Here in Europe, the cage is usually still golden. There is enough water, food, and a roof over your head, plus endless distractions delivered free to your door.
Nevertheless, the required interpersonal distance, if maintained, remains a psychological burden that leaves its mark. For many in the home office, the only encounter with real people occurs while shopping for daily necessities.

This isolation is represented by the cage. The character in it tries to bend the cage to gain a little more freedom without giving up the safety of the cage.

The self-imposed cage, our not really brave new world of today and maybe tomorrow.


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