Frequently asked questions

1. What materials do you work?

We use for our jewelry 925 silver, fine gold and precious stones (also syntheses). On request, we process in principle also other materials, among others also all gold alloys, if you wish.

2. How can I order from you?

You can order online at our sites, e-mail, phone or on our exhibitions.

3. How can I determine my ring size?

It is best to let measure the ring size at a jeweler, or, if possible, visit us at our exhibitions or in our workshop. For the workshop please make an appointment with us, the exhibition dates can be found here in our shop (see below).
Another possibility is to place a narrow band around the finger (ideal would be the width of the desired ring. Thick paper works well), so that there is a comfortable fit. Now draw on tape a marker at the underlying band start and then reopen. The length from the beginning of the tape up to the mark is the desired inner circumference (if necessary, please convert in millimeters). Here it is important to note that the tape must fit over the finger joint.
There is also the possibility to measure a matching ring. This is not as accurate, but goes. But in this case we need an indication of the width of the ring rail, if it is very different from the width of the desired ring. Now one measures the inner diameter, that is from a point of the inner edge to the opposite point of the inner edge (the longest measured length is then the inside diameter). This size (if necessary, please convert in millimeters) we can convert into the inner periphery. Please specify while ordering or thereafter.
! Here in our shop are always conversion tables on the Ring product pages !

4. Do you fit your jewelry according to my needs?

Yes, please contact us for a consultation.

5. Is your jewelry nickel free?

Yes, we buy our material exclusively in German precious metal refineries in order to be assured to process nickel-free material.

6. My jewelry has become so dark. How do I get it back light?

When it is polished or matt surfaced, you can clean our jewelry with a soft brush and mild scouring milk. If the blackening already be stubborn, you'd have to first erase with a soft eraser and then use the soft brush with mild scouring milk. You can clean your chains really only with silver immersion bath and also soft brush with mild scouring milk. Highly polished jewelry please brush with a silver cleaning cloth.

7. I am broke jewelry, which I bought from you. Can you repair it?

Of course, we repair our jewelry. If we have been faulty, we will repair free of charge, otherwise as low as possible.

! Important: We repair exclusively our own jewelry !

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