Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions – FAQ – the most frequently asked questions from our customers and our answers can be found here.

1. What materials do you process?

We work with 925 silver, fine gold and precious stones. In principle, we are happy to process other materials by arrangement, including all gold alloys, if you wish.

2. How can I order from you?

You can order on the Internet on our sites, by e-mail, by phone or at our exhibitions.

3. How can I measure my ring size?

It is best to have your ring size measured by a jeweler or jewelry retailer or, if possible, to visit us at our exhibitions or in our workshop. For the workshop, please make an appointment with us, the exhibition dates can be found here in our store (see below) Another option is to put a narrow band around your finger (ideally the same width as the ring you want. Thicker paper works quite well) so that it feels comfortable to wear. Now draw a mark on the band at the beginning of the band underneath and then open it again. The length from the start of the band to the mark is the desired inner circumference in millimetres. It is important to note that the band must fit over the wrist, and there is also the option of measuring a suitable ring. This is not as accurate, but it also works. However, in this case we would need to know the width of the ring band if it differs greatly from the width of the ring you want. We now measure the inner diameter, i.e. from the inner edge to the opposite inner edge (the longest measured length is then the inner diameter). We can convert this size in millimetres into the inner circumference. Simply state this when ordering or afterwards. ! Here in our store you will always find conversion tables on the ring product pages!

4. I don’t like the size and would select another stone. Can this be changed?

Yes, of course, we are also happy to work according to your ideas. Contact us for this purpose.

5. Is the jewelry free from nickel?

Yes, we buy our material exclusively from German refineries to be sure to process nickel-free material.

6. My jewelry has become so dark. How can I clean my silver jewelry?

Our tips only apply to our jewelry! We cannot make any statement about jewelry from others. As far as polished or matted surfaces are concerned, you can clean our jewelry with a soft brush and scouring milk dissolved in a bit of water. If the stain is more stubborn, you must first remove the coarse stain with a soft eraser and then use a soft brush. we have had good experience with liquid detergent. Mix the liquid detergent with warm water in a ratio of 1:2 and leave your jewelry in the mixture for several hours or overnight. The brighteners in the liquid detergent clean the jewelry wonderfully, including our chains. However, be careful not to use this method on jewelry with porous stones! Of course, you can also use other well-known methods, such as ultrasound or immersion baths. For chains, only silver immersion baths or soft brushes will actually help. Highly polished jewelry should not be cleaned with brushes or erasers, as this will matt it. Please clean highly polished jewelry with a silver polishing cloth. If you cannot get your jewelry clean or find the tips too cumbersome, we will clean jewelry purchased from us. Either, if possible, directly at our exhibition stand (see exhibition dates) or if you send us your jewelry. We charge if we have to send you your cleaned jewelry a flat fee of 5,-€. Of course, we only provide this service for our jewelry.

7. a piece of jewelry I bought from you broke. Can you repair this for me?

Of course, we repair our jewelry. If we have made a faulty piece of jewelry, we will repair it free of charge, otherwise as cheaply as possible.

Important : We only repair our own jewelry !

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